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High CPA Up to $1,000

HYCM affiliate back office panel provide you with access to live statistics and reports specifically designed to give you the information you need to help you increase your earnings and monitor all aspects of your performance as you do so. HYCM is dedicated to providing client security and safety of client funds, both of which are reinforced by our multiple licenses and registrations with regulators around the world.

HYCM Affiliate
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HY Affiliates is the Official HYCM Affiliate Program. HY Affiliates offers you the opportunity to earn high levels of commission from one of the most established and reliable Forex Broker Affiliate programmes around.


HY Affiliates is the Official HYCM Affiliate Program. HY Affiliates offers you the opportunity to earn high levels of commission from one of the most established and reliable Forex Broker Affiliate programmes around the globe. Introduce your clients and traffic to HYCM and take your piece of the exciting and fast-growing world of online trading.

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With more than 40 years of experience, HYCM gives you the opportunity generate high conversion rates with your traffic. HYCM operate in 162 countries, more than 4,200 affiliates and 65,000 clients.

HYAffiliates already paid over $15,000,000 to affiliates.

Your dedicated Personal Account Manager will work closely with you at every step in order to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the resources we provide for you to maximize your earning potential.


HYAffiliates program offers unlimited earning potential, meaning that you can earn commissions without restrictions on how much you can generate per referred client.


For as long as your clients continue to trade, they will generate commissions for you. Since HY Affiliates do not impose a limit, the amount you earn depends entirely on the trading activity of your clients.


HY affiliates offer high commission structure to attract Introducing Broker and Affiliate. HY Affiliats offer CPA up to $1,000, High RevShare % and Lot Rebate.


HY Affiliates offers a range of commission schemes to suit every affiliate’s requirements. Choose from one-time payment CPA up to $1000 for every new client you refer to HYCM, 20% Revenue Share and Lot Rebate payment models with no caps on your earning potential. CPA payments are payable to affiliates when a qualifying client deposits the minimum deposit amount per country and meets the agreed minimum client activity requirements.

hyaffiliates hycm cpa revenue share

Earn as much as 20% on the net revenue for the lifetime of your clients with HY Affiliates Revenue Share plan. The percentage of the net revenue generated by your clients will depend on the total revenue generated each month.


HYCM affiliate back office panel provide you with access to live statistics and reports specifically designed to give you the information you need to help you increase your earnings and monitor all aspects of your performance as you do so.


HY Affiliates platform offer Real-time statistics. HY Affiliates user-friendly analytics dashboard provides performance reports together with real-time data and statistics on your clients trading activity. Review your HF Affiliates account, conversion statistics, campaign charts, top performing ads, and more; all in full detail.


HYCM is dedicated to providing client security and safety of client funds, both of which are reinforced by our multiple licenses and registrations with regulators around the world.

HYCM promote a universally fair and ethical trading environment for all partners and clients. This is safeguarded by a strong regulatory framework and full operational transparency.


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  • Best Forex Broker, Europe 2017
  • Best Forex Broker, Dubai 2017 | Global Brands Magazine
  • Best Forex Broker, UAE 2017 | Global Banking & Finance Review
  • Best Retail Platform 2015 | FX Report
  • Best Broker, Southern Europe 2015 | FX Report

hycm forex broker awards

HYCM Fully Regulated Forex Broker

HYCM is the trading name of Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited and HYCM (Europe) Ltd.

Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited is authorized and regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority with reference number 186171.

HYCM (Europe) Ltd is authorized and regulated under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 259/14.

The Henyep Capital Markets Group is holding company and its assets are a controlling equity interest in its subsidiaries, HYCM Europe Ltd and Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited.

All references on this email to “HYCM” refer to all subsidiaries of the Henyep Capital Markets Group

FCA (FSA, UK), ref. no. 186171 | CySEC reg. no. 259/14

  1. Folke Johansson says

    I’ve got about a thousand subscribers on my channel on forex. Planned to earn using youtube ads service, but looks like this is more interesting to work directly with brokers as an opinion leader. I still doubt about the broker to promote, but HYCM is definitely a nice candidate, cause I don’t have any doubts these guys don’t burn their client’s depos in requotes and slippages hellfire. I would hate recommending others unregulated company, glad found this decent option finally!

  2. Torjus Ellingsen says

    Love working with these guys! Instructions are clear, payouts are generous and most importantly, unlimited, so there is always some space to grow the business with this partnership. I find it easiest to work with Tier 3 countries and even though payouts here are not that huge, it’s still worth it if you count all the investments and do the final balance. Depends on your methods though, I guess. Convenient analytics tools at the website are also nice. I recommend working with HYCM!

    1. Frank Treutel says

      Yeah, it’s true that this place is organized to be as accessible as possible. It seems to me that even for those who are just starting, it will be a little easier here than for a broker, where there are no conditions that help you adapt to the market and find something that will help you earn. Really good choice for those who want to earn, not to play. The information to sort everything out will be unambiguous.

  3. Jacob Hughes says

    What countries does HYCM work with? I mean where are the higest CPAs in their affiliate program?

    1. Ethan Ferri says

      The broker does not work with the US citizens and a few other countries. But they do work with EU customers, Asia and Middle East. The best paying customers in relation to CPA rewards are from Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore. But Europe, Australia and Canada will work fine too, if you’ve got the means to expand your campaigns to these territories.

  4. Owen Baker says

    With rev share option that I’ve chosen for partnership with HY, this is very important to have access to some tools that will keep you updated on “your” clients’ progress and revenues generated. The dashboard here is very intuitive and convenient.
    I think revenue share is the most ethical way of partnership. I would have hated working on an affiliate program with the brokerage that is interested in trader’s failure rather than long and mutually beneficial work. But from what I see, HY customers trade month after month. Some win, some lose, which is a part of trader’s life I guess. It’s rather fascinating to track their progress through HY affiliates dashboard 🙂

  5. J.Mahyus says

    I like the idea that payouts are unlimited speaking of revshare. Imagine, just one rich customer you’ve brought in can keep bringing profits year after year (if he knows how to trade or has got an unlimited deposit size lol). Getting the goosebumps when I think of such an alternative.

  6. Vai Khatta says

    The decision to choose a revenue share payout option for HY affiliate program was definitely risky. You don’t wanna choose to share the revenues of a broker that does not work on customers’ retention. Fortunately, HY works on that and some of my leads keep generating profits month after month with no work on my side at all. Working on HY affiliate program was a very successful investment of time and $$ for sure.

  7. Jeremy Evans says

    I have been working with this partner for over a year now. First was a little disappointed with the results but tried revshare before quitting. In half a year stopped all the campaigns because payouts didn’t seem to cover the expenses. For six months I’ve been doing nothing at all, but unexpectedly started getting some nice payouts. Turned out it takes time in forex related affiliate programs to unfold the potential. Few of “my” customers started trading actively with HYCM during the last few months, funded their accounts with larger deposits and now every time I look at the HY affiliates dashboard I get this amazing feeling that farmers probably get when they harvest the ripening fruits. Launched a few more campaigns now. Strongly recommend Hy affiliates and wish you to be patient and persistent!

  8. Elias Zowran says

    Tell me, does the broker provide some trading strategies tutorials here or should I look for something additional for analysis?

    1. Roudi Witte says

      Ehh.. they’ve got MT4 and MT5 trading platforms available and don’t sell any additional indicators. But they won’t mind if you install additional tools that are suitable for metatrader.

  9. Icell says

    The partner pays fine on a regular basis, which is the most important thing. Forex niche is not the most stable one, but currently the industry is at rise, so I strongly suggest diving in ASAP. Trading profession has its ups and downs and you’ve got to enter at appropriate time.

  10. Paul Harver says

    I know recently forex got very popular, because of all these events on the market. But do you think the niche will still be interesting in half a year?

    1. K/Davidsainen says

      I am sure it will. The further – the more interesting it gets. Coronavirus, recession, oil price gets negative for the first time – the more volatility, ther more opportunities there are for making profits. Even those who have never been interested in trading before can turn their attention to markets.

  11. Pappulos G. says

    Real-time stats sounds like a really fascinating idea. Especially if you plan to work with a RevShare payouts, this can help with better long-term planning.

  12. Harro Clyan says

    I haven’t tried rev.share yet. I guess I can try that method only after 6-12 month of successful cooperation on a CPA basis. For now I’ve only got 5 month of experience with this program and so far things are not going too bad. The first two months were losiong months, which is normal for affiliate business, when you are still looking for best approaches and work on minimizing the business expenses. The last 3 month were fruitful, covered all the initial losses and finally I’m starting to earn something. I do have even better expectations for future profits, so can recommend this particular affiliate program.

  13. Mathys Simons says

    Sounds like a fascinating business proposal. I wonder which payout method would work out best in a long term perspective.
    I had a look at the provided marketing materials at the official affiliates page – not bad at all. Impressive work done there!

  14. Kacung Saputra says

    The partnership with this company can be developed in several directions.
    This is the payout method that is oriented on a short-term result. Even though HY does not object paying enough for each client, I think that getting a single time reward when you deal with forex-related industries – that can be a huge mistake.
    This is the payout method that means you work on marketing once but keep getting the profits year after year. I’ve doone a careful investigation of HY and the brokerage it promotes. The company has got a long histroy, so this is highly likely that in future they wil not disappear from the market. Which means traders can stay here for years and generagte revenues for both company and you as a partner. Year after year.
    And which payout method do you think is more favorable?

    1. Leon says

      I work on this affiliate program on a CPA basis. I can’t really claim that this is the best and the most favorable one, yet personally I don’t feel comfortable relying on smb else’s financial plans or trading results. For now I’m comfortable with having directand immediate pay for my efforts.

  15. Bassit says

    Excellent CPAs for european leads. One of the best actually in this niche. Nice partnership to start with in a forex industry.

  16. Saul Berrios says

    The program is rather interesting and assumes the variety of methods you can use. If you have certain doubts about the methods, better consult with the personal manager.
    The program has got:
    – nice payouts compared to the industry averages
    – good variety of marketing tools
    – flexible conditions on payouts depending on the origin of leads
    – fair and timely withdrawals
    Generally can recommned the company for cooperation. Especially if you’ve got some experience marketing fiancial services.

  17. Rich D says

    What if I don’t want to use the ready marketing tools that they provide? Can I still participate?

    1. Haldor Antonsen says

      Every marketing tool must be coordinated with a personal manager. HY Affiliate program has quite severe restrictions. So that’s better not to go beyond them. Because the promoted broker has a very good reputation and cherishes it. Due to this fact, it’s quite easy to work with the affiliate program.
      In addition, this company has a very large database of available marketing tools. Among them, you can find the ones that are right for you.
      But I know exactly that any change or alteration to the marketing materials isn’t allowed. Even if it is a translation or adaptation to the size you need. As I already said, company takes care about its reputation, so that’s why there are some restrictions.

  18. C Rosario says

    Promoting a regulated broker with a safety of funds is a good idea. This is the main concern for new users and its nice that HYCM can be promoted this way. Yet, regulations themselves are not enough. I hope HY affiliate partners understand this and will look for alternative ways to market the service.

  19. E.Reynolds says

    I can’t say trading vertical is easy to work on, yet this is definitely one of the best paying niches. Payouts are fair and regular. CPA program matched my goals perfecty well.

  20. Arden Gruber says

    How do you guys market this broker? Please share some approaches that actually work.

  21. Hugo Vasquez says

    I’ve tried a CPA approach with this broker. I got my first customers in a month and first payout took another month to get generated. I learnt the aff business in the forex industry is not the easiest and the fastest one ever.
    However, I’ve never used another aff rpogram that would be that good in terms of returns. I’ve had big revenues before with other programs, yet here the ratio of the money spent on marketing and actual returns here is actually great. It just takes time to wait for your leads to make up their minds and deposit to their trading account.

  22. Bachmeier says

    There is a great function in this affiliate program. It is mailing! And it is ideal for those who have their own database if it`s an “Opt-in List”. After HY affiliates approves your request to send e-mails to the individuals or entity that has requested such information you can send a new message with the referral banner to your mailing list. It`s very useful! People respond really well to this of course if they have elected to receive e-mails from you in Opt-in Page.

  23. Bernard Mai says

    There are cool real-time statistics here. So you can track results from your companies from the first seconds. Partners gain the opportunity to filter out inefficient cases, and, as the result, to save up time and money while selecting really useful promotion channels and creatives. For example, use more banners about crypto or make more posts in Telegram.

  24. Albert Srernberg says

    There are no restrictions on reward amount here. Partner`s income isn`t limited. That`s why you can earn any sum of money. There are a lot of marketing tools applied for attracting the clients. Partners can use flashes, images, pop-up, coupons etc. Creatives are well-designed. A solid reputation of the company also places a high importance. Customers trust it and rather make registration. Nice affiliate program!

  25. Heiner Esser says

    I like that there is a lot of marketing tools in HY affiliate. Not just referral links and banners. There are the RSS feed, coupons, e-mail marketing, pop-up here. And i`s cool because images don`t always work well. Sometimes a user needs something else to make decision to try oneself in trading. Maybe some hot news or personal invitation.

  26. Ben Ditter says

    Honestly, there is very convenient Personal Account, it’s quite native, so I have no need to learn how to use it, it’s really native.
    Also, the transparency of each process in the company is important for me as well. I like, when everything is clearly tracked, so I can keep total control over all actions and operations.
    HY affiliate works with the platform Etrass. This is a special solution which was developed for partnership programs in Forex industry. Everything is thought through in it. It’s possible to track every detail of your work. For example, a partner can filter the most effective advertising campaigns. He can see how many people clicked the link, registered, deposited. I mean, there’s the full set of data, even info on sub-affiliates.

  27. Zig Wiser says

    Are there any caps on partner’s earning potential in HY affiliates?

  28. Silvio Segura says

    When do partners get paid in HY affiliates?

  29. Adam Kohler says

    I don’t really know how the other brokers organize their affiliate programs (I know that’s a popular method to promote financial services though). However, my experience with HY affiliates is giving me some nice expectations about the potential of your common financial achievements and I definitely like how they do the business in terms of timely suport and payouts. I hope for a fruitful continuation of our partnership.

  30. Eugen Herbst says

    No matter how many topics I read on the forums, all authors converge in one. If an affiliate program offers a hybrid payment model, it is an excellent affiliate program. This is what I like about HY Affiliate. Here you can choose different commission types for each campaign. For example, you can set up a CPA model for the regions with the highest referral payments amount. And you can use the Rev-Share model in countries where traders tend to deposit more often and are generally more active in trading.
    If we compare the market for affiliate programs, the conditions in the HY Affiliate are much better. Payments are high, the broker’s reputation is excellent, and the Personal Account is very convenient. In general, I can recommend this company.

  31. Keri Morgufen says

    Hmm, are you suggesting we share a goose that lays golden eggs? LOL. Actually, you need to understand one straightforward thing. In marketing, everything works if you know how to use it.
    Are you an e-mail master? Get written permission from the company to send newsletters, collect subscribers’ database, and send them e-mails.
    Do you have a good command of SMM-marketing skills? So, create your own pages in social networks, take people there, and convert them to your referrals.
    Do you work well for your camera? Set up your video blog on YouTube and direct traffic from there.
    Everything works. Any approach you use skillfully will give you results.
    The main thing to remember is three basic things:
    1. Relevance of the audience. Gather around you those who need a broker. They may not even be traders, but just guys who want to try it. I’ll tell you more, it can be easier to work with such people. Because they don’t need to move from another broker.
    2. Understanding the chain of actions that the client needs to do. That is, his way to the moment of deposit and start trading. You should remember that a tiny percentage of people will register and immediately make the deposit. Most of them will read reviews, see how the broker’s website works, read his education materials, start a demo account. And only then will they make a deposit. The transaction life-cycle in brokers’ promotion is very long. It can be stretched for several months.
    3. Understanding of your audience. It’s not enough to attract those who are interested in Forex. You should know what they care about, what they are afraid of, and what they want. What expectations do they have for a broker? What have they tried to do before? Only by answering these questions will you work correctly with the audience and receive partner payments.

  32. Andy Funke says

    HY does not limit the earnings of its affiliates. Even if you manage to earn billions – that’ shouldn’t be the problem. The more referrals come and invest, he more money the brokerage makes, so that sounds to be rational. Why would they limit the earning of their parters? There is no sense in this practice.

  33. Jey Ho says

    Partners receive payments once a month. In fact, it’s like a salary. You work for a month, and then you collect the fruits. The condition for withdrawal is the amount not less than 100 dollars. But with the high commissions, which is here, this amount is not difficult enough to collect.

  34. Oscar Vaz says

    As an affiliate, I was wondering when I would start earning from the affiliate program. Because no matter what you say, money is the best indicator that you do everything right.
    With HY Affiliates, I got money from my second month of work. They calculate payments once a month, usually on the 15th. The commission is high. There are several types of commissions. Some of them are aimed at significant short-term profits, others are long-term. I decided to choose both. Some campaigns are launched according to the CPA model, and others – Rev-Share. I’m pleased with the result.

  35. Iker Camacho says

    I have a very positive impression of the HY affiliate program. This is not the first program of the kind I work with. But for now, the partner’s work process is best organized here.
    There is a lot of information in my Personal Cabinet. Thanks to this, you can track the effectiveness of each campaign. Usually, partner programs have problems with this. In HY affiliate, on the contrary, everything is transparent and clear.

  36. Carlest says

    What metrics do you consider when analyzing your work in HY Affiliates?

    1. Joachim Krause says

      You know, I will say that it’s an excellent thing that there are so many metrics to evaluate in HY Affiliates. Because usually, it’s not like that in other companies.
      What about the question? I evaluate different metrics. But mostly, I look at the number of conversions from advertising campaigns. Because if there are few of them, then there is nothing to talk about. I’m sure that you need to ensure a large flow of traffic to the site first.

  37. Heino Greiner says

    I’ve been working in HY Affiliates for a long time. I’m delighted that I found this company. Because the conditions for partners here are excellent. First of all, you can see it in the Personal Account. It is very convenient, it has a lot of materials for analysis. After all, it is analytics that often determines success.

    1. Gerson Paucek says

      And what parameters can be seen in the reports on the campaigns in HY Affiliates?

  38. Paul Payet says

    I could say a lot of good things about the hy affiliates program. But most of all, I appreciate the professionalism of the personal managers here. They really help me to master my profession if I fail. They give advice and help me calculate the financial result. This is important in my opinion.
    And I also like that in hy affiliates you can withdraw money to trader’s account immediately. For me, as a trader, this function is beneficial. This is the kind of additional income for me, which I immediately put in the trade.

  39. Nayan Arjun says

    What I like about the HY Affiliates program is the ability to get feedback in a defined way. I can always ask my personal manager a question and get a clear answer. And it’s great that I can get help and support at any stage.
    But more often than not, I do not even need help. Thanks to the reputation and a reliable solution, the brokerage company is easy to promote. No special efforts are required.
    So I just go into my Personal Area, create campaigns, and work on them. There’s plenty of creatives for that in HY Affiliates.

  40. Giaan Amir says

    HY Affiliates has everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. The first is a sufficiently high payment, which is most important because, without sufficient commission, there will be no incentive to work at all. The second important point is full transparency. The Personal Account contains all the data and all the reports on how many referrals you have attracted.
    And the third thing is competent personal managers who are always ready to help.

  41. Innar van der Laan says

    I had no luck with affiliate programs until I started working with HY Affiliates. Somehow everything was crooked before it. There were cases when not all referrals or not all of their trades were taken into account. Because some of them were open for less than 60 seconds. In general, there were a lot of severe conditions in other programs.
    And in HY Affiliates, it is not. Here everything is clear and transparent. There are clear rules, there is an excellent tracking system, and regular payments.

  42. Sergej Wirth says

    I’m delighted that I chose HY Affiliates. There are many creatives and great opportunities for affiliates in selecting the type of commissions. I read a couple of reviews about the program and decided to combine different commission types here. So that’s what I’m doing now, and I’m seeing significant results.

  43. Osea Silvestri says

    I signed up for the HY Affiliates program in January. Because I decided to start the new year with a new source of income. I really liked the fact that the personal manager was a great help in the beginning. As a result, I quickly got the hang of it and started getting my first leads reasonably quickly.
    The only question I have is the next. I chose the CPA model initially. But now I want to try the Rev-Share type of commission too. Is this possible in HY Affiliates? Or do I have to use only the type of commission, which I initially chose?

  44. Seth Hansen says

    I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for a long time. Over the years, I’ve learned to quickly distinguish between promising affiliate programs and those with which you’re just wasting your time. These are the differences.
    1. This is a quality and transparent accounting of all referrals. In HY Affiliates, the eTrass platform developed specifically for the Forex industry’s needs is responsible for this.
    2. A good product, which we offer to potential customers. In HY Affiliates, it’s the broker HYCM. It has a huge history on the market and attractive trading conditions.
    3. The size of the payments. Of course, I have no comments here. Because this affiliate program has one of the largest payments in the industry. Up to $100 for one referred client.

  45. Aaron Ferrer says

    What marketing tools are there in HY Affiliates?

  46. Emilio Kadaute says

    I work in the HY Affiliates program. I’m mastering this type of activity. And I like the fact that in HY Affiliates, there are personal managers who really help. It means a lot when you’re at the beginning of your journey.

  47. Laszlo Paztor says

    The HY Affiliates program is top-rated among webmasters. After all, it gives a good payout and has a transparent system of tracking referrals. So leads are not lost, and sites bring the owners money. And this is not some pennies, as in many affiliate programs. This is a real income, which can be more or less stable even without active work. True, it will not be long. Because sooner or later, current customers will stop trading, and you will need to attract new ones. But in principle, passive income is possible in the company.
    Well, I don’t understand why the level of commission in HY Affiliates is different for each country. It is clear that different countries have different standards of living. But the conditions for deposits are the same for all clients in HYCM.

  48. Johnson Douglas says

    I’ve been reading and researching a lot of HY Affiliates reviews. I liked that people gave positive feedback about the personal managers here. Because I care about support and help. I’m just starting to run an affiliate business and don’t understand everything yet.

  49. Martin Louis says

    In which countries is it allowed to promote a broker under the terms of the HY Affiliates conditions?

    1. Hose Gallardo says

      First of all, you should check the list of countries where HYCM operates. The broker cannot deal with some countries due to regulatory rules and anti-money laundering laws. Second, the list of countries where you can promote the broker with the HY affiliate program depend on the commission plan. If you choose the one-time CPA payment, then the number of countries will be large. But the revenue share structure is available only in those countries where the HYCM brokerage has FCA regulations. Anyway, the affiliate agreement contains detailed information about available geos.

  50. Albert Biro says

    Cheers for the opportunity to earn passively!
    Wanna confess that at first I thought that this affiliate program was something dodgy and my first thought was to give up that idea. Later I found one forum chocka guys already earning money this way and it all made me think that it was not so junk stuff. I read what those PPL told to each other about CPA and other things that had to do with HY Affiliate and I told myself – No worries, mate! I told myself to try that. I did and I already earn this way.
    Can’t boast how cool I am but I already brought two guys under the CPA scheme and it brought me pretty sum. I wanna keep it up!

  51. reuxngrocn says

    I’ve read not so many articles where the essence of HY affiliates branch is revealed broadly. This one seems to be the most exhaustive, I mean, from the point of offered services and their quality.
    As a regular HYCM client, I should say that all of these affiliate programs aren’t difficult to master, but don’t think it will be easy as a pie, not at all. Devote time, scrutinize and start acting.

  52. Gonzalo A. says

    It is very smart of them to categorize the geographies based on the programs. It literally gives you smart insights into where you should go looking for new clients. This way, you can shift your focus properly.

    Phenomenal if you can create some traffic and gain some traction there, so that you win great clients, the platform wins great clients, the clients win a great platform, and you boost your revenue with the same amount of work you would normally put in somewhere useless. It is a quadruple win type of a situation here.

  53. flefel says

    I like what I see about CPA programs. The payout rates are really high compared to the rivals in this affiliate sphere.
    But for whom the rest of the programs?

  54. Isak Nyberg says

    All the answers of the questions you can find in their guide. It’s very detailed and actually you can pass through those regulations. They are just going all in with their affiliate program and that is a good time to get some jackpot!

  55. Ange says

    darlings, who can show me how to WITHDRAW to advcash???

    1. Alfredo says

      As far as I know, or as far as my account shows, there is no option for withdrawing via AdvCash. You can use bank wire, skrill, trader account, WebMoney, and Netteller. It might be different for people in other locations. I don’t know.

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