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Dukascopy Europe launched Bitcoin CFD Trading

Dukascopy EU is expanding the LIVE trading instrument list with the Bitcoin to US Dollar (BTC/USD) CFD available with leverage up to 1:3.

Dukascopy EU provides leveraged CFD trading on price movements of cryptocurrencies, its derivatives or value estimations. » Learn more

  • Trade Long & Short
  • Leverage 1:3
  • Funds Protection Up to 20,000 EUR

Unlike traditional purchase of cryptocurrencies trading cryptocurrency CFDs (Crypto) allow speculative operations without having a digital wallet. There is no need to own cryptocurrency coins eliminating cyber security risks.

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Due to the leverage provided on trading accounts the client can hold cryptocurrency CFD positions larger than amount of traditional currency initially owned. Similar to other CFDs and FX instruments, cryptocurrency CFD can be short or long so the client can benefit from price movement in both directions up and down. » Free Trial

Features of Bitcoin Trading at Dukascopy EU

  • Trade on both rising and falling markets – same as Forex trading, CFD trading enables you to buy (go long) if you believe market prices will rise, or sell (go short) if you believe market prices will fall.
  • Efficient use of your capital with leverage – CFDs are traded on leverage, meaning you need only a small deposit to open your position rather than having to invest the full value of an asset.
  • Hedging possibilities – if you expect your existing cryptocurrency portfolio may lose some of its value in a short term, you can use CFDs to cover this loss by short selling.
  • Trade safely – no need to store cryptocurrency in a digital wallet. Client funds are protected in the amount of CHF 100’000 for Dukascopy Bank clients and in the amount of EUR 20’000 for Dukascopy Europe clients.
Attention: The underlying asset – cryptocurrencies – can be extremely volatile.

About Dukascopy

The Swiss Bank Dukascopy, holder of one of the very few Forex brokerage licenses granted in Switzerland by FINMA, has won the title of best ECN / STP forex broker for the year 2018 at the London Forex Show which was held on February 23. Visit » Official Website

Dukascopy Best ECN/STP Forex Broker 2018

Dukascopy Best ECN/STP Forex Broker 2018 London

Dukascopy, is an innovative Swiss online bank based in Geneva, Switzerland, which provides trading services via the Internet and smartphones (specializing in currencies, precious metals, CFDs and binary options), as well as banking and banking services. other financial services via advanced technological solutions developed in-house. » Get Free Trial

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Dukascopy Bank Europe offers the largest interbank liquidity and tight spreads for the G10 currency pairs for institutional, corporate and private clients. At Dukascopy Swiss Banking Services, clients can open separate Swiss bank accounts and trade directly in the most liquid Forex market in the world.

Dukascopy Bank is authorized and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, both as a bank and a securities dealer. See » Official Website